Web Hosting


First, ask yourself this question – WHAT IS YOUR WEBSITE FOR?

Is your website simply for personal use? Something that you or your family, friends or group would want to play around with? Then you can opt for free web hosts so you don’t have to worry about monthly costs and set up fees.

Is your website for your small business? Or to showcase yourself to potential clients? Then you can research about the most reputable low-cost web hosts today.


SITE BUILDER – Are you one of those who get easily turned off by HTML codes? Site Builder is a system specifically made for people without any programming skills. If you want an easy website building experience, then make sure that your web host offers a Site Builder.

CPANEL AND FANTASTICO – Are you planning to create your own blogs and set up your own forum in your website? If yes, make sure that the hosting package you will get will have a cPanel that runs Fantastico.

DOMAIN NAM &, BUSINESS EMAIL – You will be amazed on how you can easily launch your own website these days. In fact, it can even take you less than 30 minutes. Most hosting packages already include your own domain name which is your website address and your personal business email addresses. Other often available features are Auto Responders, Pop Mailboxes and Email aliases. All these can help you establish easy communication with your customers. And yes, these definitely make you look more professional and trustworthy.

FTP – Do you plan to transfer large data? You business process may be easier if you and your employees or maybe even your clients can communicate well using an online manager. An online manager can serve as you medium in sending and receiving constant files from each other. FTP can surely improve your business process.

WEB LOGS – If you are entrepreneur who takes your website traffic seriously, then make sure your web host provides web logs where you can track and keep records of who is visiting your site, where are they coming from, etc.

SPACE- BANDWIDTH – This refers to the amount of space that your website can manage to accommodate. Take into consideration though that the space you may be needing during the launch or the start up pf your site may change as your website grows. A good web host will provide at least 25GB, while there are low cost web hosts now that offer unlimited space. This doesn’t really mean space is unlimited although it means they can provide you with too big a space that it would be impossible for you to actually run out of space.

SPEED – No customer will have the patience to wait for more than 5 seconds for a website to load. So if you feel like your website it not as fasts as you want it to be, then chances are, customers feel maybe even double. How can you test the speed of a web host?

Click Start, Run, Type: command, press enter

Type “ping hostdomainname.com”

Look for the average ping. An everage of 80 is good enough. 100 and above is bad. A low number is a good sign and it means there is a big chance that your website will load faster.

Discover different web hosts that can help your business have that powerful online presence. And you will realize that it really is true, most consumers today rely on the internet for their purchasing decisions!